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But the state needs to do more, the researchers say. CA: Orange County: Severe shortage of foster homes for children with special needs KPCC โ€” May 13, Orange County has a severe shortage of foster homes, particularly for teens, siblings and children with serious medical or psychological needs โ€” and it could get worse when a new state law limiting the use of group homes goes takes full effect next year, according to a county grand jury report released this week. On average, four children enter foster care every day in Colorado and the state needs more families who are willing to get certified and open their homes to these children. CT: In some cases, DCF leaves children in homes of sex offenders Hartford Courant โ€” May 15, When Department of Children and Families caseworkers learned in January that a pregnant mother of two small children had moved in with her father, a registered sex offender, and her mother, they had a decision to make.

GA: DFCS to add staff members statewide Gainesville Times โ€” May 12, Another child welfare staff members will join the Division of Family and Children Services in July as the number of regional foster homes has increased more than 10 percent. The job fair provided youth who are aging out of foster care with an opportunity to explore local businesses. MN: Washington County experiences a bottleneck in the child protection process Woodbury Bulletin โ€” May 15, The good news is, Washington County will get three more child protection workers, thanks to funding from the state of Minnesota. The bad news is, to date, there has not been any additional funding to the agencies that process those cases through the legal system.

That was the message New Mexico Gov. Why bring up this seemingly minor incident in the midst of the larger systemic problems faced by DCYF that have received so much recent attention? SC: Foster care parents push for new laws Includes video Fox Carolina โ€” May 13, He and others are supporting new proposed bills that would change foster care laws. One in particular, is called the Max 5 proposal. Within months, she reported being raped by an older child. She was moved more than 45 times, including to psychiatric hospitals, and missed several chances for adoption because of paperwork delays.

At 18, after aging out of the system, she walked into traffic and was hit by a car. At last report, she was living in a homeless shelter. Her story, detailed in court records, was among scores of chronic foster care failures that led a federal judge to declare the Texas system unconstitutionally flawed and order an independent overhaul. WI: Drug abuse driving up child neglect reports in Wisconsin Wisconsin Public Radio โ€” May 13, The number of reports to child protection officials has grown steadily in the county since Five years ago, they received reports, but referrals were made to the county in US: Congress Passes Bipartisan Legislation Combating Opioid Epidemic Press release Congresswoman Candice Miller โ€” May 13, This week, Republicans and Democrats in the House came together to pass a series of legislative initiatives that go beyond treatment, combating the root causes of the opioid epidemic.

US: Domestic minor sex trafficking: missed clinical opportunities Clinical Advisor โ€” May 13, Human trafficking does not require that a person or persons be transported across geographical borders and can include cases in which victims are exploited within their own community. Victims may be forced or coerced by physical or psychological means; in fact, the profound impact of psychological coercion and control is often overlooked. The rise coincided with the start of peace talks between the Farc and the government, though it is impossible to say if there is a link. CA: L. County, such as preventing child abuse, reforming foster care and improving outcomes in the juvenile justice system.

The foster youth hiring program reaches beyond giving foster youth and their families a life changing opportunity. CA: Report Sheds Light on the Prevalence of Domestic Child Sex Trafficking in Santa Barbara County Noozhawk โ€” May 12, Santa Barbara County agencies have confirmed there are dozens of survivors of sex trafficking locally, and are working on collaborative approaches to prevent exploitation and provide services to the victims. CA: Financial Settlement for Parents Falsely Accused of Child Abuse Patch โ€” May 11, In , California law was amended so the Department of Justice would only enter reports of abuse submitted by employees of a child welfare agency or county probation department and directing the DOJ to remove all inconclusive reports from the database.

CA: Study Finds Foster Youth Fare Better When They Receive Care Until 21 The Chronicle of Social Change โ€” May 11, Foster youth like Serrano, who remain in care as young adults, tend to enroll in school, avoid homelessness and have more positive life outcomes generally than youth who age out at 18, according to the most comprehensive study of transition age foster youth to date. DC: Report: Bullying is a serious public health problem Associated Press โ€” May 10, In a report released Tuesday, the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine said bullying should no longer be dismissed as merely a matter of kids being kids. She and her husband, Greenwood-based family counselor Adam Smithey, are spearheading an effort to help identify and stop child abuse in Indiana.

The Smitheys have started a fund with the hopes of training school officials, civic leaders and anyone else to look for the signs of abuse. Heart Galleries raise awareness of their plight and ways individuals can help. That might include fostering for a few years or adoption. It also could be sponsoring someone else with the time, resources and desire. MA: Mass. NJ: Owing lunch money is child abuse?

The board recently adopted a policy requiring officials to send two notices to parents before they are asked to attend a meeting over the debt. OH: Medicating heroin addicts: Is it a problem? Includes video WKBN โ€” May 12, Wandersleben said overall, keeping people on some form of treatment for 12 to 18 months is worth the side effects, since it saves the state money and helps recovering addicts live more responsible lives. He also said if medical treatment helps get rid of other societal costs of addiction, such as child welfare, homelessness, unemployment and visits to the ER, it is easily worth the cost.

Dan Brown, who treats people who are addicted is cautiously optimistic, as the House of Representatives passes comprehensive opiod and heroin prevention legislation. The package of bills includes the creation of a task force to set best practices for prescribing pain medications and child protective services being directly involved with a safe care plan when babies are born addicted. Children were found tied up in a backyard in one case, and a baby died after allegedly being abused, in another case.

This has raised questions of what happens to children in those situations and how they can ever get over that level of neglect. But adoption is a difficult and astronomically expensive process. Sadly the rate of adoptions has dropped sharply according to Child Welfare Information Gateway. US: Children of depressed parents at high risk of adverse consequences into adulthood Medical News Today โ€” May 13, The latest report from a year study of families at high- and low-risk for depression reveals that the offspring of depressed parents have a higher risk for depression, morbidity and mortality that persists into middle age.

While major depression typically begins during adolescence in both high- and low-risk individuals, children with a family history are more likely to have recurrent episodes of depression and poor outcomes as they mature. Work-family considerations that inclusive employers should keep in mind as potentially affecting the inclusion of employees in same-sex couples are outlined. Psychology Today โ€” May 11, A recent study adds to substantial evidence that concerns about transracial placement have been overblown and that, in fact, children are capable of developing a solid sense of identity and family regardless of the racial composition of their families. A just-released followup of the study showed that by age 19, nearly half of the young women in foster care had become pregnant and one-fourth had given birth.

Bans on same-sex adoptions and on surrogacy which were sometimes part of complete bans on the practice remained in place, and they were only lifted once a country reached full marriage equality. Pakistan: Determination of parentage: Senate panel forms committee to resolve issue Press release Business Recorder โ€” May 13, The Senate Standing Committee on Law and Justice on Thursday constituted a sub-committee to resolve the issue of determination of parentage of parentless or abandoned children as well as to further strengthen un-attended orphans rehabilitation and welfare bill, Now, many of their families are joining a nationwide movement โ€” banding together to demand humane treatment for children behind bars. Casey Foundation. Clair, 21, said. CO: To better help kids at risk, Denver child welfare caseworkers go back to school Chalkbeat โ€” May 11, A pilot program that began in October places city caseworkers part-time in three high-poverty Denver schools: Barnum Elementary, Munroe Elementary and Kunsmiller, an arts-based school that serves upwards of 1, students in kindergarten through 12th grade in the southwest part of the city.

More than 80 percent are from low-income families. Yet Kansas has only 2, licensed foster homes. Jay Nixon, would allow adoptees at least 18 years old to apply to the state for the information. MO: Foster parents work to reunite children with birth parents The Cass County Democrat Missourian โ€” May 11, It takes a village to raise a childโ€”and sometimes that means having four parents rather than two. MT: Valley students give back to foster care system Includes video Owatonna โ€” May 11, The Rowans are designing this camp specifically for foster children that are victims of child abuse, neglect and abandonment.

Together they hope to change the lives of every child that attends their week-long camp. NH: House kills bill to extend life of child abuse records Associated Press โ€” May 11, The legislation would have required the Division for Children, Youth and Families to keep records on substantiated abuse and neglect cases forever, compared to seven years under existing law. Currently, child sex abuse survivors in New York are unable to bring civil or criminal charges against their abusers after their 23rd birthday. There are more kids in the child welfare system than there are foster parents to meet the need, due in part to the opioide epidemic.

US: Barletta bill protecting opioid addicted newborns unanimously passed in U. House of Representatives today passed legislation from Congressman Lou Barletta PA protecting opioid-addicted newborns and their caregivers. Katherine Clark D-MA , requires that states which receive federal funds for child protective services comply with federal law and enact certain guidelines for the welfare of children exposed to opioids. The category of opioids includes a variety of pain medications or other drugs, such as heroin. Child welfare agencies are going beyond recruitment to focus on recruitment and retention efforts. An important component of retention is providing support to foster families: learning what they need, providing information and encouragement, and connecting them with trainings that build parenting skills and confidence.

The vote came after months of heated debate, and the law was only passed after a provision for adoption was removed from the original bill. United Kingdom: Why do we keep giving children back to mothers who mistreat them? On any given day across the nation, about a half million children are in foster care. More than 5, are in Arkansas, but fewer than 1, families can take in kids.

IN: Film database of child welfare court, delinquency court proceedings now available to IU faculty Press release Indiana University Newsroom โ€” May 10, Faculty throughout the Indiana University campus system now have access to almost videos shot in juvenile courts, detention centers and prisons that can be used to train future social workers, probation officers, counselors, correctional officers, teachers and others who will work with abused, neglected and at-risk youth. However, after that time has passed, they are eligible again.

In exchange, state officials agreed to try to reduce the number of children in state custody who are being cared for by unlicensed foster parents. NC: Lawmakers work to criminalize controversial adoption practice Video CBS North Carolina โ€” May 09, Some North Carolina parents are turning to a controversial practice when their dream of adoption turns into a nightmare. PA: Senate acts to close loophole that exempted doctors, clergy from background checks law PennLive.

TN: Memphis supportive housing program is keeping kids out of foster care Includes video WREG 3 โ€” May 10, With the help of federal dollars, the program has housed and helped 82 families with children. CEO of the Coalition for Children, Youth and Families Oriana Carey said there was a decline in the number of children going into foster care nationally and statewide until around , However, in just the last two years, more than children went into care across the state. Since the s, those organizations have contracted with federal, state and local governments to carry out foster care, residential programs, home studies and myriad other services for children and families.

But in attempting to right a wrong, Congress created a new threat to the safety and well-being of Indian children. It established a weaker set of protections for Native American children and subordinated their best interest to that of the tribe. US: Professors Are Being Forced To Reveal Sexual Assault Confidences, Like It Or Not Huffington Post โ€” May 10, Nationally, schools are essentially taking one of two tracks: either declaring that all but a small handful of employees are mandatory sexual assault reporters or listing the categories of employees who must report.

Canada: Ottawa has until today to confirm equal child welfare treatment for First Nations CBC News โ€” May 10, The deadline comes as the tribunal ruled in January that the Canadian government knowingly discriminated against tens of thousands of children on reserves by underfunding child welfare services. Disturbingly, of the 95, who applied for asylum in , an estimated 10, children have subsequently disappeared. Europol warned that many may have been adopted by criminal gangs.

Medical News Today โ€” May 10, The researchers found that risk of sudden infant death syndrome SIDS appears to increase when swaddled infants are placed on their stomachs or sides for sleep. Doug Ducey a bill expected to cut the number of child abuse hotline calls that require full investigations to focus child safety workers on cases that actually involve abuse and neglect. It also provides criminal immunity for anyone who reports child abuse to law enforcement or mandatory reporters. KS: Brownback administration launches quest for more foster parents Topeka Capital-Journal โ€” May 07, The record-high number of foster care children in Kansas led to a renewed call by the administration of Gov.

LA: The foster care system is pushing college students into homelessness Opinion Hechinger Report โ€” May 10, When a child in foster care turns 18 and graduates from high school, the state pulls funding. This renders the student homeless. If states really want to see children successfully transition from foster care to life, then they would see that collegians have a home to return to after class. One option passed by the Legislature is called Safe Families for Children.

Two of them agreed to sit down and talk with Eyewitness News. Still shaken by their ordeal, they asked that their identities be hidden. House Bill 50 and its companion Senate Bill will extend supportive services to help foster alumni ages bridge the gap to being successful adults and productive citizens. OK: Nearly teenagers age out of Oklahoma DHS each year without being adopted or reunited with families Includes video The Oklahoman โ€” May 08, Each year, nearly teenagers age out of DHS without being adopted or reunited with their biological families, according to the state agency.

While many of the 16, children who spent some time in DHS care last year eventually will find a permanent family, others, such as Arrellano, exit the system on their own. In this position, he worked to develop small businesses for women and minorities. He retired from that position in The reality of multigenerational housing, however, is much more grim. And the middle part of that sandwich, the parents? Conspicuously missing. Everything these children know, they have to leave behind. DCF says there are about 1, foster families in Vermont and most foster parents are kin to the children they look after.

The process to become a foster parent is strict. US: Hey, Look Everybody! The Magic Orphanage Is Back! News stories assure us that the Magic Orphanage is nothing like those mean old Victorian places. Committee on Finance โ€” May 05, During National Foster Care Month, a bipartisan group of Senators calls on HHS and ED to assist states, school districts, and child welfare agencies to implement reforms to support children in foster care through educational stability. All students receive therapy and medical care on site. Many students receive tutoring as well. In the summer, there is a full slate of activities, including day trips, special classes like hiking and baking, and a one-week beach trip.

United Kingdom: Fostering children is big business The Telegraph โ€” May 07, Most people would be startled to learn how much of the child protection sector is now dominated by a handful of companies, most of them run by ex-social workers. These companies are paid huge sums by local authorities to make their fostering arrangements. Several have become such big business that they are traded by private equity funds. CA: Spotlight on Kids: L. Our children deserve to live in communities, neighborhoods, and homes free from violence or neglect.

That must be our goal. IL: Moms of Incarcerated Youth Fighting for Changes Includes audio Public News Service โ€” May 06, New research shows mothers in Illinois and across the country have become more active in improving conditions for incarcerated youth. House Bill would establish a voluntary program that would create a confidential address for them which, according to Nancy Neylon, executive director of the Ohio Domestic Violence Network, could be used for work, school, voting and other public services.

PA: Expanding Family-Based Foster Care in PA Includes audio Public News Service โ€” May 05, Joan Benso, president of the group, said the commonwealth has made a lot of progress, but still places children in group homes or institutions more often than 40 other states. PA: To really fight crimeโ€”you have to start early and the state needs to fund it: Dave Arnold Opinion PennLive โ€” May 04, If these parents were abused or raised in homes where learning was an afterthought, chances are significantly greater that this pattern of abuse and neglect and poor educational attainment continues.

The consequences are costly for societyโ€”public assistance dependence, school dropouts, addiction, crime and other adverse effects. What better way to honor mothers everywhere than by making certain every child feels unconditional parental love. James Lukefahr, one of only child abuse pediatricians in the country. The majority though, are bounced around from home to home. While candidates at the national, state, and local levels for the presidency and other offices hone their policy agendas, we implore them to be guided by prevention science.

In areas as diverse as education, criminal justice, substance abuse, early childhood development, and poverty, prevention science has proven its worth. The children often stay with adoptive or foster families until they graduate high school. The child crisis center used to have shelters, but those were eliminated several years ago. AZ: DCS improving on backlogged child abuse cases Includes video ABC 15 โ€” May 04, Child welfare workers are trying to turn things around after their agency just hit a major milestone by reducing their backlog of cases to under the 10, mark.

CA: Foster Youth Reproductive Justice National Center for Youth Law News โ€” May 04, Young women in foster care are far more likely to experience teen pregnancy and childbirth compared to their peers not in care, and critically, they are far more likely to say that these pregnancies were unintended or unwanted. NCYL has an ongoing project to improve foster youth access to sexual and reproductive health services and education in California. The youngest is These young women have been bounced around an average of seven homes before they get here.

Graham says their past becomes especially important when they become mothers themselves. DCFS is starting a career readiness program. IN: First baby drop-off box for unwanted newborns installed in Indiana Associated Press โ€” May 02, A Safe Haven Baby Box where mothers can drop off unwanted newborns anonymously with emergency help moments away is now available in northeastern Indiana. MA: DCF expects to open Northern Berkshire satellite office soon The Berkshire Eagle โ€” May 04, Gilberti came to this region three years ago, and said she saw the need for an additional office, after constant referrals were being made and case workers, investigators and specialists were routinely being dispatched to Northern Berkshire communities. MO: Parental roles matter in fostering relationships between children and stepgrandparents Press release EurekAlert!

Their findings indicate that how a parent behaves toward the stepgrandparent determines the relationship between their child and the stepgrandparent. The Digital Inclusion program was launched in the fall to introduce foster care youth and their caregivers to technology skills and training. OH: Technology improves efficiency, but robots cannot replace lawyers Opinion Associated Press โ€” May 05, Their work draws to mind my own experience providing pro bono representation to juveniles in child welfare proceedings in Chicago nearly 20 years ago. I found that many of the outcomes to legal issues were foregone conclusions. Instead, I devoted my time to working with a team of social workers, psychologists and other professionals to think creatively about a treatment plan that best addressed the needs of the client within the parameters of the existing legal framework.

Currently there are 19 stories in the series, and about 10 more are being finalized for release. Topics covered include immigration, growing up in foster care, sexuality, gender identity and more. PA: Lawrence County has critical need for foster parents, officials say Ellwood City Ledger โ€” May 04, On Wednesday, 76 children were in group homes or some sort of other care without foster parents in the area served by Children and Youth Services. Another 89 had been placed in foster homes. They deserve to have their hearts healed, whether it hurts ours or not.

Abusers are often people you might not expect, Smith said. Agents and the head of the local Honduran Consulate Office are warning parents in the U. TX: Judge issues restraining order in family detention center case Statesman โ€” May 04, A state district judge in Travis County has issued a temporary retraining order against the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, preventing the agency from issuing a childcare license to one of two controversial family detention centers in South Texas. Later, Hastert would accuse him of attempted extortion. However, the unique costs and considerations of adoption make financial planning a necessity. North Carolina Gov. Its valuable work includes litigation to protect children from abuse at home, and monitoring courts and legislatures that the legal rights of the young are assured.

US: Our Inadequate Response to an Underestimated Problem Opinion The Chronicle of Social Change โ€” May 04, If we found out a public health crisis was three to four times greater than previously known, how quickly would Congress authorize emergency spending to combat it? I certainly hope it would not wait for the next budget debate, or make the response budget neutral. Our elected officials should be held to the same standard when it comes to child protection.

United Kingdom: Child safeguarding hub misses targets Includes video BBC News โ€” May 04, A child protection agency set up in the wake of an organised sex ring in Oxfordshire has missed referral response targets. CA: Los Angeles Trying New Tactics to Help Children, Many in Foster Care, Who Are Sexually Trafficked Youth Today โ€” May 03, One of the problems with previous law enforcement strategies, said McDonnell and others, was the fact that victims of trafficking were those most likely to be arrested, not the traffickers or the customers who make the crime of trafficking children for sex profitable.

FL: State receives just one letter supporting retreat from anti-discrimination rules for LGBT foster children Tampa Bay Times โ€” May 03, Though DCF has received overwhelming opposition to striking the language in the rule, it has the authority to come to a final decision on its own. Department leaders are not required to change course as a result of public comment. OH: Bill would raise age that foster children age-out Akron Legal News โ€” May 04, Members of the state Senate Finance Committee got their first look at a House measure that extends the age to 21 for young adults in foster care and adoption assistance programs and remain eligible to receive federal benefits as a consequence. It includes community awareness and education.

It involves providing services to families in need of assistance. It includes Kinship care in which relatives take care of their own until parents are ready to resume their own efforts, and it includes foster care โ€” homes that provide safe havens for local children in need. Joseph Petrarca. Greg Abbott, will be the next executive commissioner of the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the governor announced Tuesday. TX: Immigrant Families Sue to Stop Licensing Detention Centers for Child Care Texas Observer โ€” May 03, Two immigrant mothers, detained with their children in a privately-run Texas lock-up, have filed suit to stop Texas from licensing two family detention centers as child care providers.

TX: Texas Grants Childcare License to South Texas Immigration Lockup Houston Press โ€” May 03, The Texas Department of Family Protective Services has granted a childcare license to a south Texas immigration detention center for asylum-seeking mothers and children, a facility that experts say is detrimental to healthy child development. US: Education Breakthrough from a Foster Care Alum: Loan Forgiveness Program for Foster Youth The Chronicle of Social Change โ€” May 03, In this proposed program, once a youth took out their first set of loans, he or she would be required to submit a copy of their dependency letter to the Federal Student Aid Commission, verifying the certain points of time the individual was in the foster care system.

Canada: Nova Scotia suspends use of hair tests in child protection cases CBC News โ€” May 03, Nova Scotia has suspended the use of all hair-strand drug and alcohol testing in child protection cases, following a CBC News investigation. They require basic human needs: love, attention, food and shelter. They can bounce from home to home, year after year, never knowing permanency. With luck, they will get adopted out of the foster care system. GA: Budget with raises for , teachers and workers gets Gov. There is nothing simple about a state stepping into the role of parent during a crisis.

Joseph County and Cass County. Kathy Valdes has been serving as interim director since the retirement of previous director Cindy Underwood in January. The Foundation pools small-dollar escrow accounts from lawyers around the state, and collects interest on the money. Legal Services of Eastern Missouri, based in St. Louis, is one of the four. The group also funds other legal-related programs, such as the Court Appointed Special Advocate program designed to help children in foster care around St. By failing to continue defending the law, it is effectively dead.

NJ: Bill supporting treatment centers for abused children advances in N. Senate North Jersey. NM: New Mexico launching new anti-child abuse campaign, website Associated Press โ€” May 02, A state agency tasked with protecting New Mexico children is launching a campaign Monday with a new website and meetings around the state aimed at getting more parents involved in fighting child abuse. To date, this program has shown very promising results and could prove to be a model for the future. But state legislators would have to agree. An OSU political science professor said the plan was designed to hold DHS accountable and improve the quality of foster care in Oklahoma.

PA: Seven child welfare workers fired for false reports The Inquirer โ€” May 03, Seven child-welfare workers in Philadelphia were fired in February and March in connection with two false reports about home visits, according to state officials. PA: Report calls for urgent action to help children of incarcerated parents Public Source โ€” May 02, In Pennsylvania, , children have had a parent incarcerated in their lifetime, according to a new nationwide study.

Casey Foundation, which outlines the collateral consequences of mass incarceration on families and calls for urgent reforms by judges, prisons and governments to break cycles of poverty. TX: Child Protection System is failing our children Opinion Galveston County Daily News โ€” May 03, Texas is in the midst of a crisis that, if not addressed with the urgency, will create lasting damage for generations to come. Children removed from their homes are placed in an unsound system that is meant to protect them, but often subjects them to further trauma, abuse and neglect.

Foster care often becomes the only viable solution. The office conducts independent reviews of child fatalities that occur while a state investigation into abuse or neglect is open and will ultimately provide a detailed report of how CPS caseworkers handled past cases. The report also will provide recommendations for improvements in services. VA: Commentary: We must support foster youth after they exit system Northern Virginia Daily โ€” May 03, Virginia has about 5, children in the foster care system.

Out of those children, 2, of them are exiting out without a place to call home and a family to depend on. No direction to life, and their only source of help financially and guidance are terminated without consideration. WA: High lead levels in kids not just linked to water Seattle Times โ€” April 30, Amid renewed questions about lead in local drinking water, Washington health officials say young children in the state posted blood-lead levels last year high enough to potentially cause harm.

The majority showed no sign of trouble. US: States Urged to Reduce Pregnancy-Related Deaths Pew Charitable Trust: Stateline โ€” May 03, The relatively high percentage of American women who die as a result of pregnancy, which exceeds that of other developed nations, is prompting a new national prevention campaign that is relying on the states to take a leading role. US: Children with ADHD may benefit from following healthy behaviors, new study suggests Medical Xpress โ€” May 02, A new study shows that children with Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder follow fewer healthy lifestyle behaviors than non-ADHD youth, suggesting that they may benefit from improving lifestyle choices such as increasing water consumption, decreasing screen time and getting at least one hour of physical activity per day.

The final report of the Commission to Eliminate Child Abuse and Neglect Fatalities seems a fitting, though sorrowful, place to start. LGBTQ youth are over-represented in this system and too often receive unequal treatment simply because of who they are or who they love. US: Study identifies factors that can help children thrive in the face of adversity Medical News Today โ€” May 02, Her research team found that even when children were exposed to adverse childhood experiences, certain family and community strengths appeared to have a protective effect on health, social and behavioral outcomes.

Among the most influential of these were having access to patient-centered, coordinated medical care, mothers who were in excellent mental health, and community supports. Department of State released statistics on Americans who adopted children from abroad in For the tenth year in a row, the total declined, reaching a year low. Indeed, international adoptions in the United States have declined by a full 75 percent after peaking in โ€” a trend that can be seen elsewhere in the West.

Commissioner of Health and Human Services from to , whose consulting group also did a page review of Texas child protective services in , says the problems reported in New Hampshire are not unique to the Granite State, including high turnover in social workers, high case loads, low morale, lack of clarity on policies and outdated technology. According to federal data, some states terminate parental rights at a rate 25 times higher than states at the low end of the scale.

Canada: Spare the rod, protect the child United Church Observer โ€” May 02, With the Trudeau government on the verge of banning spanking, critics ask: why has it taken Canada so long? AR: Governor: Foster Care System is a Crisis Includes video Fox 16 โ€” April 29, Right now, there are more than 4, children in state custody, including 1, waiting for a foster family and more than waiting to be adopted. Despite efforts to bring those numbers down in the last year, there are more than more kids in state custody from last year.

CA: Medi-Cal will soon cover children in the U. The real battle? State officials estimate that , residents will be eligible. According to the Department of Children and Families, 41 percent of children who are in state care are living with relatives or someone they know. FL: More Spanish-speaking foster parents needed in Orange, Osceola Central Florida News 13 โ€” April 29, An organization that assists in placing children in the foster care system says one-third of those children are now Hispanic.

That statistic is in part pushing a greater effort in Central Florida to find host families who have similar language and customs. And gay and lesbian Kansans have another measure of where their rights and concerns rank among GOP priorities at the Statehouse, which is nowhere. KS: Safely Reducing Psychotropic Medication for Youth in Foster Care Press release PR Web โ€” May 02, KVC Health Systems has developed a sophisticated medication monitoring and response system to ensure that the children it serves within the Kansas child welfare system โ€” more than 3, in foster care and 5, children in home-based programs each day โ€” are safe from inappropriate medication use.

They began an internal investigation, prompted either by that report or another. But the leaders there โ€” at Mesabi Academy in Buhl, Minn. Louis County authorities about the allegations, a decision that avoided outside scrutiny and may have evaded state law. OK: DHS monitors fret over budget cuts impacting child welfare Tulsa World โ€” April 30, Big gains have been made in eliminating shelter use for abused and neglected children, but problems persist in maltreatment of foster children and finding placements for kids with special needs, according to a progress report released Friday. PA: Dept. Among the departments before council is Human Services, which has requested a budget increase, even though it has transferred its child welfare work to community non-profits.

Case loads have grown as a result of a huge change in the way the city handles child welfare cases, in response to the starvation death of Danieal Kelly while under city protection. RI: Half of kinship foster homes in State are unlicensed Providence Journal โ€” April 29, At the worst point โ€” in May โ€” more than 63 percent of the homes where children had been placed with relatives after the state determined they could no longer live with their parents were unlicensed.

TX: Child Protection System is failing our children Weatherford Democrat โ€” May 01, Texas is in the midst of a crisis that, if not addressed with the highest urgency, will create lasting damage for generations to come. Children removed from their homes are placed in a structurally unsound system that is meant to protect them, but in reality often subjects them to further trauma, abuse and neglect. TX: Child Protective Services solutions expensive My San Antonio โ€” May 01, For years, Child Protective Services investigators have struggled, sometimes doing a little better or a little worse, but always struggling. We have long known why โ€” low salaries and high workloads leading to constant caseworker turnover.

Under national standards, he should have had no more than a dozen. Critical tasks went undone and critical actions untaken. With so many cases, tragic outcomes were inevitable. TX: Child Abuse Case Resurfaces in Railroad Commission Race Texas Tribune โ€” April 28, Gates spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on lawsuits that ultimately forced the child welfare agency to change some of its practices, and he proudly tells a version of the story on the campaign trail.

In speeches, campaign materials and interviews, the wealthy cattle rancher and real estate mogul portrays himself as a victim-turned-crusader against government intrusion on parental rights. Marshall University professor of counseling Carol Smith says traumatic injuries can be emotional or physical. Luke Reiner, the director of the Wyoming Military Department and commander of the Wyoming National Guard, asked the Joint Judiciary Interim Committee on Wednesday to consider sharing child welfare information in an effort to identify military children abused by parents. US: Teen birthrate hits all-time low, led by 50 percent decline among Hispanics and blacks The Washington Post โ€” April 28, The birthrate among American teenagers, at crisis levels in the s, has fallen to an all-time low, according to an analysis released Thursday by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The decline of the past decade has occurred in all regions in the country and among all races. But the most radical changes have been among Hispanic and black teens, whose birthrates have dropped nearly 50 percent since If you live in another state or are looking to adopt a child from overseas, you may be out of luck. Paramount to any civilized society is an interconnected network of child-serving sectors โ€” such as child welfare, education, justice and health โ€” that does not operate in silos and promotes human dignity and physical and psychological integrity, and respects children as rights-bearing individuals.

Children have a voice and have the right to express that voice, and as a society, we must listen. He died in December at age We know that Ernest Smithey had been residing in California. Ernest Smithey Ernest Smithey - Find records of Ernest Smithey. Every life has a story to tell. This collaborative biography is dedicated to tell the story of Ernest Smithey. Click the to update this introduction with a synopsis or highlights of Ernest's life.

Update bio graphy. What's this? Ernest's biography. Ernest Smithey Most commonly known as. Ernest Smithey Full name. Did Ernest go by other names? California Last known residence. Male Gender. COM View birth records. Ernest Smithey died in December COM View death records. There is no cause of death listed for Ernest. Cause of death. Do you know the final resting place - gravesite in a cemetery or location of cremation - of Ernest Smithey? Where was Ernest born and where did he live? Did Ernest finish grade school, get a GED, go to high school, get a college degree or masters? What schools or universities did Ernest attend? Was Ernest a religious man? Was Ernest baptized? Share what Ernest did for a living or if he had a career or profession.

Share highlights of Ernest's life. Did Ernest serve in the military or did a war or conflict interfere with his life? Ernest Smithey's obituary. Ernest Smithey lived 5 years shorter than the average Smithey family member when he died at the age of Life Expectancy. The average age of a Smithey family member is Looking for a different Ernest Smithey?

View other bios of people named Ernest Smithey. Share a Story about Ernest. Family Tree. Ernest's immediate relatives including parents, siblings, partnerships and children in the Smithey family tree. Ernest's Family Tree. Ernest Smithey. Add bio. Add friend. Cancel Post. Source s : Social Security Death Index. Other Records. Other Biographies. Ernest S Smithey. Sophie Camille Smithey.

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